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Sailing is freedom and peaceful environments travel

Author: Thanate Tan

For many people all around the world sailing is the main mean of relaxation. For them nothing is better than the feelings they experience in their confrontation with the untamed nature. Even if sometimes there might encounter some dangers the passion for the sea is more powerful than anything.

When asked what the reasons for which they love sailing are, the sailors usually respond that is the feeling of freedom that takes them further into the seas and oceans. They say that nothing can be compared to the feeling that you are the master of your own boat and of your own destiny.

Because the seas and oceans are the places where people get less into contact they can be considered the most quiet and peaceful environments. Few things, such as the sound of the waves and the birds' songs, can interrupt the quietness of the sea. That is why many people choose sailing as a way of relaxation and meditation.

Yet, all these pleasures involve some knowledge in this field and also financial in order to purchase all the things needed for a perfect adventure on the water. The first thing that a sailor should do is choose correctly the type of boat he wants to sail.

Two main types of sailing boats can be distinguished: the sailing dinghies and the yachts. There are two differences in these two types of boats. The first one is that the dinghies have a centerboard, while the yacht has a permanent keel. In yachts the ballast is built in the keel, while in the dinghies the human crew should perform as ballast. There are many types of yachts and dinghies, too, so a sailor must ponder well all the advantages and disadvantages of any boat.

For the sailors that love the adrenaline brought by racing special regulations were formulated by International Sailing Federation. Racing Rules of Sailing are the set of regulations that should be respected by all the participants in sailing competitions.

For many people sailing is like a second life, where they can enjoy the quietness, peacefulness, fresh air and serenity of the sea, but at the same time experience the adrenaline when fighting the furious waves and untamed wind. Find more information about Sailing Cruise.

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