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Introduction To Sail boating

Getting your self a sailboat is like finding yourself a new lifestyle. Just picture yourself sailing down the New England coast or anchoring up at one of the many sailboat communities in the Caribbean. It is a whole new lifestyle of traveling and boating that you can do anywhere in the world.

To start, there are sailboats for cruising and for racing.

As a beginner, most start with cruising boats around 30 feet because they are easy to handle and maintain. You can get many sailboats nowadays because of the recent economical situation, prices are low and it is a buyers market.

Monohull, to catamaran, or multi-hulls, the options are out there which are sure to please any budding sailor. They key to getting into thsailing is to find a way to do it, without investing right away into buying a boat.

Offer to work for training by walkingn the docks and meeting with sailors at the port nearest to where you live. You can also find sailing websites which connect sailboat owners with potential crew who want to learn the craft.

Cruiserlog and Findacrew and few reputable web sources.

After you have been sailing for awhile it is easier to decide what you are looking for in a sailboat. Speed, comfort, size and costs are all factors which you will have to figure out before deciding on what to buy.

One way to ease into sailing is to join a club or association such as the America Sailing Club. The have events and offer assistance in buying and selling sailboats.

Another option to get into sailing which is very popular to join or become part of a racing team. This is a great way to meet people already in the lifestyle. They are most helpful in getting newcomers into it as well.

US Sailing is an organization which has been around for over 100 years. They train people in the sport of race sailing and all of its facets. They would be a great reference for a newcomer to start their search into the sailing lifestyle.

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