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Choosing The Right GPS Tracking Device For Your Boat

Do your research and take some advice from our pro's

Article brought to you by Tia Jones

What is it about the open waters that has a magnetic pull on a sailsman's very being? Is it the heady combination of a salty sea breeze, the feeling of total control and the challenge of riding out the unknown at every corner? We are leaning towards the challenges that the unknown poses. In this day and age of convention, over communication and hyper simplification, there is no feeling quite like being able to find your way through those vast expanses of aqua and reaching your destination all on your own.

In historical times, men braved the oceans with the help of rusty compasses and the stars are their guides. They prayed to the mighty ocean God and Goddesses to make for a smooth sailing passageway for their vessels. It is no wonder that every major culture, be it the Greeks, the Normans, the Celts or the Romans, have dedicated chapters to the worship of these sea deities.

Navigation, in our opinion is one of the most vital aspects of sailing and this article aims to educate and advocate the merits of having a GPS tracking device on board. Thanks to developments in marine technology, rusty compasses are a thing of the past. GPS technology has now given us tracking devices which are fast becoming indispensable tools. A GPS tracker functions as an infallible map, communication device, weather vane, sentinel and diagnostic machine all rolled into one.

GPS devices, have a boatload of features and come in different shapes and sizes. If you prefer portability and require on-the-go information, choose a rugged and waterproof handheld device. Advanced GPS systems require specific modular installation and include chart plotters which are GPS plotters providing highly accurate co-ordinates and unique offshore mapping capabilities, communication systems with VHF radios, AIS receivers and cameras, Autopilots for hand free sailing, and Fish finders and Sounders with inbuilt sonar and echo capabilities that guide you to the next big school of fish. In addition, they provide remote capabilities for cutting ignition, send high water, SOS and Geofencing alerts, provide access to engine hours, bilge pump failure and power reports, supply weather reports, broadcast Television shows and races, log travel routes and offer up to 3 days of continuous battery backup .

What's great about these systems is that they provide total flexibility in installation. Advanced systems give owners the financial flexibility is customizing devices according to the type of boat they have. Be it a Powerboat, Sport fish, Cruising Yacht or a Sailboat, GPS tracking systems offer a multitude of customizable functions.

In today's world of increasing theft with loses reported to be at an annual average of $85 million, GPS devices have paved the way for a new formidable form of policing. GPS systems may be a small price to pay for the cost of the assets they protect. GPS trackers immediately send alerts to your cellular phone or computer in case of an unauthorized use or if the boat is found to have crossed a preset or designated geofenced area, prompting you to not only report the theft, but also remotely shut down engine and fuel access. What's more, having a GPS on board facilitates insurance and gives you an edge with lower premiums and better protection plans.

Tia Jones loves all things Travel & Technology. She's a blogger who contributes articles on Gadgets & Vehicle GPS Tracking for and USA Tours for . Feel free to follow Tia on Twitter.

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