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The Types of Fishing Boats

If you are planning on going to your next boat show to scout out the craft of your choice, then here is a quick rundown of the options available. They range in everything from flats boats to bass boats. These are all mainly for fishing.

Offshore Saltwater Boats.
Fishing on the open ocean or sea will allow you the opportunities to catch huge record sized fish which many sportsman dream of. This is where the dolphin and kingfish run free just waiting to take a bite out of your lure. For this type of boating you will need something large and dependable that can take the pitch and roll of the open waters.

Try the single, dual and triple outboard models to see what you feel most comfortable with. While three outboards might be a bit hard on the pocketbook, having two is going to seriously improve you driving abilities, backing in to tight spaces and speeding to your next fishing hole.

If you get any bigger than this, you can easily get into the luxury cruiser category. Very nice and very expensive.

Inshore Saltwater Boats.
These boats are designed for fishing the saltwater flats for Red fish, Snook, Bonefish and a few others. These are a lot of fun to fish. The boat you will need will likely be a flats boat, with very shallow hull which allows you to get onto those flats right where the red fish are tailin'. It has a wide open deck where you have room to move around.

Inland Freshwater Boats.
For fishing inland freshwater lakes and rivers you should use something light, made out of fiberglass or aluminum. These are easy to move around by loading it onto the trailer and pulling it behind an SUV or truck. These boats are best used for fishing and can get into tight and shallow areas.

Bass Boats.
These boats are perfect for the avid fisherman. They are fast, light and have room for all of the fishing equipment you will need for a day out on the water. Rod holders, bait boxes, live wells and more. Also, proper bass boats should have trolling motors to be able to slowly troll along shorelines for your tastiest catch.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of the boats available and their purpose. This should help you be more prepared for when you attend your next boat show.

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