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Build Your Own Sailboat

If you have ever dreamed of having that one project that defines you, then consider building your own sailboat. This is an age old craft that involves you and your building skills.

It is cheaper than buying a used or new boat and it will give you a greater sense of accomplishment knowing that you built it from bow to stern. Just imagine taking it out onto the water ebing able to say that you built this sailboat by hand.

To start you can find plans on building your own sailboat after a quick google search of "build your own sailboat kit". Harley Boat Plans offers some great selection from which to choose.

After getting the plans together you have to buy the wood and tools and you can get to work. Well, maybe it takes bit more work than we make it sound, but hey, if you have a lot of time and like working with your hands, than consider building a sailboat by hand.

This type of project is something that would be fun to do with friends and family. It is a group activity that you can do together and the reward of using it on the water is sure to be a winner.

And you thought that building a handmade boat was only for actors on NCIS!

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