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Florida Boat Storage

When buying a boat, one of the highest hidden costs to be considered is where and how you are going to store your boat when it is not in use. Today we will focus on storing your boat in the boating capital of the world, South Florida.

While anyone with the IQ of a danforth anchor can Google indoor boat storage, you still have to know what exactly you are looking for in a boat storage facility.

Indoor Boat Storage in FloridaIndoor Boat Storage

Choosing to store your boat indoors comes at a higher price, however it will ensure your boats safety from the elements. As most people who are seasonally living in Florida might go this route as they then have the piece of mind that their investment will be protected from Florida's harsh summers.

Knowing that the storage facility will physically take the boat out of the water and place it onto a rack is comforting as you make use of this longer term boat storage option.

We know this option will cost more than your typical outdoor option because of the extra safety it provides your boat. As well, you will find that to get a realistic price estimate you should call your local indoor storage facilities and inquire about prices and services offered.

Transportation, covering, and storage preparation are just a few of the extra services that most facilities offer, so call around and research on the web to get a feel for the competition.

Outdoor boat storage

Luckily being in a sub tropical location gives us the option to store our boats outside or inside. If you are looking to save some money than storing your boat outside should be considered first.

To store your boat outside in Florida means you will have to do a lot more to prepare it for the weather. A few of the dangers to boats stored outside include hurricanes, tornados, sunlight, animals and other nasty things that boats don't like.

To store your boat outside means you will have to shrink wrap it which can cost from a few hundred to almost a thousand depending on the size of the boat. There are kits you can buy to shrink wrap your boat yourself, or you can pay professional sot do it.

If your trying to save a buck, go further inland. The further you go inland the cheaper storage usually is. You can often find too that these facilities will offer to provide transportation for your vessel to encourage business. Ask around for deals and see what you come up with.

Additional boat services

Whichever you decide, you should also consider the other services which are offered by boat storage facilities. These include general repairs, gloss finishing, transportation of the vessel, docking/launch and much more. Considering that seasonal boaters won't be using it anyway, this is the best time to have your boat fixed up to be ready for when you return.

You should also choose to have the basic routine maintenance done on your boat at this time. Things like flushing out the engine, gear lube, fluid checks, and disconnecting the battery are all part of the long term boat storage plan. Ask your storage crew about what services they recommend.

And finally, before committing to a storage facility make sure you are comfortable withy their security offered to their clients. Do a walk through of the facility and ask about access. Anything from the hours it's open to the public, to who has access to the premises. This is something you will have to trust you gut instincts with.

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